Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 150th Post!!!

I want to take a minute and reflect on my coupon journey.

I started coupon exactly a year ago. My FSIL, Dena, helped me get started and shared some of her favorite Q blogs with me. She also introduced me to The night I discovered it, I would not get off the computer. I couldn't believe all the information and I wanted to learn all that I could.

I decided at that moment I was going to do this. I started off by using Q's at Kroger. My 2nd shopping trip was a Mega Sale and I saved 85%. I couldn't believe it and had to call Dena. She was the only one who appreciated it. Jason, my fiance, thought I was nuts. So, the next time I went he tagged along to see what the fuss was about. I put all my goods on the belt and made sure I gave the cashier all my coupons. At this time Jason took Hannah and walked toward the front of the store. I think he was embarassed with what was about to happen. The cashier started deducting my Q's. The gentleman behind me said "Would you mind letting me know how much you saved?" I agreed and finally got my total. It was $45.67. I smiled and paid and told the gentleman I just saved $108, $68 being in Q's. (Yes, I saved that receipt!)

I was so excited I was jumping inside. I couldn't believe I had done this on my 4th shopping trip.

I have learned so much in this time. The most important thing I came to realize early on is to buy a minimum of 2 papers. If it was a really good week, I would buy 4. Always buy a even amount of papers, that way when you run upon the BOGO you can use 2 Q's!

I have since hooked my friend Danielle on Q's. We love to go couponing together and get excited when we spot a REALLY good deal. She even with with me at 10:30 pm to the Bigg's Triple event. We had a fun night that night!

I also am very lucky to be able to spread my fortune. I have been getting free to very cheap items to donate to a local ministry. It feels really good to be able to help so many others who are in need. I have donated free deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, cereal, feminine products, soup, and many other misc. items.

I started this blog to help my friends and family save money. Now I want to help anyone who wants to become educated on saving money. In this economy everyone deserves to keep every extra cent in their bank accounts.

I am going to be devoting 2 hours to my blog everyday to keep you updated on the latest deals, freebies, printables, etc. You may notice that the blog is different and going to be adding features in the next few weeks.

I made my first blog button yesterday! This is the final one!

Thank you for those of you who have been reading and if you are new to Cincinnati Coupons, Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to ask questions. Chances are if you are thinking it, someone else is too!

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