Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Kroger Mega Sale trip

Honestly, I didn't need anything. I went to get a few items and get prices for those "hidden items" that weren't advertised anywhere!

4 boxes of BC Brownies, $.88 each, Total: $3.52
1 Kroger Hoagie buns (for tonights Philly Cheesesteak dinner!), $1.89
4 Sargento sliced cheese, $.60 each, ($.40/1 mq), Total: $2.40
4 Kraft Shredded cheese, $.49 each ($.50/1 mq), Total: $1.96
Philly Cream Cheese, ($1/1 mailer), Total: FREE
Daisy Sour Cream, $.49 each, Total: $.98
2 Gallons Kroger milk, $1.98 each, Total: $3.96
2 Juicy Juice, $1.99 each ($1/1 mailer), Total: $2.98
2 garlic, Total: $.67
Poise Pads, FREE from recent catalina

Total spent with tax: $20.68, saved $45.89

Plus I received a cat for a survey. If I complete the survey I will receive a $5 check. I am going to do it, just to see what happens!!

How did you do with the Kroger Mega Sale?

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