Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WalMart 3/29-4/04

Charmin 12 big rolls, $6

-$1/1 PG Year booklet

Sparkle paper towels, 8 ct, $5.97

-$1/1 3/1 RP

Downy fabric softener, $9

- $1/1 PG year booklet

Gain Liquid or Powder laudry detergent, 48-80 loads, $10

- $1/1 3/15 PG insert

-$1/1 PG year booklet

Listerine Cool Mint with bonus bottle, $6.27

-$1/1 3/15 RP

Secret Scent Expressions or Fresh Effect deodorant, $4

-$1/1 3/15 PG insert

$1/1 PG year booklet

Claritin Liquid-gels, $19.97

-$3/1 IP here

Zyrtec, 45 ct $26.97

-$10/2 MIR here

-FREE MIR Satisfaction gaurantee here

Learning to multi-task

Last Sunday we put our home up FSBO. I already have a showing this evening! I am not to sure where to start with the paperwork so I am going to contact a real estate attorney for leadership. After our lives calm down I am going to attend Real Estate school. This has become a huge passion of mine and will allow me to stay home with our daughter while contributing to our income!

I have volunteered my time with a group I am a member of, Wicked Women Racing. I recently helped design our clothing line that we hope to launch in the next few weeks. I am planning a Wicked Women Give Back event for our spring cruise in on April 19 at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Milford.

I will continue to do Weigh in Wednesdays, although I didn't do it last week. I hope to do a Taking Time to Trade Thursday to go over briefly the deals of the week and hope to trade with others from here and HCW.

Ontop of all that, I am still planning our wedding!!! This has become overwhelming. I can't wait to become Jason's wife and have the same last name as our daughter!

I am truly blessed with my life and can't wait for the future!

Tell your friends about this blog, leave a comment and I will send you some useful q's!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Walgreens 3/29 - 4/4

I hope all the math is right! Did in a hurry!!

Buy 2 get $2 RR 10 pk Quaker Chewy Bars, Life and Cap'n Crunch Cereal 15-16 oz. 2/$5
- $1/2 IP here
- $1/2 (3/8/09 RP)
Total OOP: 2/$4
Total after RR: $1 each

Buy Softsoap Body Wash $3.99 get RR for free Softsoap body wash on next purchase
-$1/1 IP here (if included in sale)
Total OOP: $2.99
Total after RR: $.99 each

Reynolds foil $.89 (use Wags Q)
- $1/1 (2/8 SS)
Total: -$.11

Diet Pepsi, 12 pk, 4/$12, $3 RR WYB4
- B2G1 Free (12 pk cherry, vanilla, lime, lemon) IP here
Total OOP: 6/$12
Total after RR: 6/$9

Soy Joy Bars, 2/$1
- B1G1 Free (2/22 SS)
Total OOP: $.25 each

Equal 100 ct pkg, 2/$5
- $2.50/1 (1/4 SS)

Dawn, $.99 with Wag Q
-$.50/1 Home Mailer
Total OOP: $.49 each

Listerine, 2/$11, purhcase 2 receive $5.50 RR
-$1.50/1 (3/15 ss)
Total OOP: $8/2
Total after RR: $1.25 each

Ink Refill, $7.50
- $7.50 Mail in rebate (look in Easysaver booklet found in front of store with ads)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kroger Sale 3/23-3/29

Thank you goes out to Mommyof3rookies at AFC for list! Please credit me for match ups.

Kroger cheese
Kroger cottage cheese, cream cheese or dip
Kroger bread
Banquet Entrees
red, gold or orange bell peppers

Chef Boyardee pasta
Total: $4/5

Hunts Snack packs
kroger micro pizza
Bush's beans
Glade aerosol air freshener
kroger fruit snacks
Kroger french bread pizza
Hunts pasta sauce
Rotel tomatoes

Rosarita refried beans
-$.50/2 All you Magazine
Total: $.50 each

Kroger tortilla chips
Krogers canned mushrooms
Krogers canned olives
Kroger cream cheese
Kroger pretzels
Armour lunch makers
pudding cake slices
Kroger hand sanitizer
Kroger qtips
2-liter 7up products
kroger toaster treats
Kroger peanut butter 12 oz
kroger pancake syrup
kroger canned tomatoes
organic baby carrots

Del Monte Fruit Naturals
-$1/2 IP here
Total: $.50 each

Hass avacodos

Also Pillsbury Refrigerated dough 4/$4 WHEN YOU BUY 4
golden layers biscuits 10ct
Grands 5 ct
Biscuits 4 pack
Cinnnamon rolls 5ct
Pizza crust
Crescent rolls 4ct
crusty french bread
Total: FREE - CHEAP!

Banquet pot pies $.44

Buy 2 Ritz crackers and 3 12pk coke products-$1.99 each
-$2/2 Ritz crackers, 1/25 SS (exp 3/31/09)
-$1/1 12 pk Coke here

Coupon Preview 3/22

I caught a woman red handed in Kroger last week stealing coupons. She did it right behind the customer service desk. She took the coupons out of 3 papers, stuck the inserts in her paper and checked out at the self scan! What nerve, right?

Well please make sure your coupons are in the paper. I know it shouldn't come to this, but, better safer than sorry! To the lady at the Bach Buxton Amelia, SHAME ON YOU!

AirHeads Extremes .55 (5/3/09)
Aleve Product, 20ct+ .75 (6/30/09)
Bayer Aspirin Product, 24ct+ $1 (6/30/09)
Bayer Breeze2 100ct 10-test Disks or Contour Test Strips, up to $20.00 off (9/30/09)
Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter, up to $30.00 off (9/30/09)
Beano Product, 30ct+ $1 (5/31/09)
Beano To Go Product, 12ct only .50 (5/31/09)
Bengay Moist Heat Therapy Pads $2 (5/16/09)
Bengay Product $1 (5/16/09)
Blue Diamond 100 Calorie 7ct Whole Natural Almonds or 6oz+ can Blue Diamond While Natural Almonds .50 (6/30/09)
Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds, 8oz $1 on 2 (6/30/09)
Bob Evans Fresh Sausage, any variety .25 (5/24/09)
Bob Evans Side Dishes .35 (5/24/09)
Carvel Lil’Love Ice Cream Cake or any cake, 29 fl oz+ $2 (5/30/09)
Carvel Seasonal Ice Cream Cake or any cake, 40 fl oz+ $3 (5/2/09)
Citracal Product $1 (6/30/09)
Dishwasher Magic .55 (7/31/09)
Disposer Care .55 (7/31/09)
Dukes Products, any size, any variety .60 (4/30/09)
Flintstones Childrens Multivitamin Product $1 (6/30/09)
Frito-Lay Variety Pack (20 or 22 count) .55 (5/03/09)
Glass Plus Product .50 (6/14/09)
Gold Bold Ultimate Softening, Soothing or Protection Lotion or Cream $2 (6/30/09)
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing or Restoring Lotion or Cream $1 (6/30/09)
GoodNites Sleep Pants $2 (4/18/09)
Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, Jumbo Pack+ $2 (4/18/09)
Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, Jumbo Pack+ $2 (5/16/09)
$2.00 Kix Honey Cereal .50 (5/2/09)
LOreal EverPure Shampoo, Conditioner, or Treatment $2 (6/14/09)
LOreal Preference or Dream Blonde $2 (6/14/09)
LOreal Skincare Product $1 (6/14/09)
MidNite or MidNite PM $1 (9/30/09)
Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product .75 (4/21/09)
Neo-Synephrine Product $1 (6/30/09)
One A Day Adult or Teen Multivitamin Product $1 (6/30/09)
One A Day Adult or Teen Multivitamin Products $4/2 (6/30/09)
Phillips Product $1 (6/30/09)
Physicians Formula Cosmetic Product $1 (6/30/09)
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons $1 (6/30/09)
Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths Product $1 (6/30)
Playtex Sport Plastic Applicator Tampons, 16ct+ $1 (6/30/09)
Powerade Zero(32 oz bottle) .40 (4/30/09)
Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer Fine Mist Spray $1 (5/31/09)
Rhodes frozen Cinnamon Rolls $1 (6/30/09)
Rhodes Traditional Rolls, frozen .75 (6/30/09)
Rhodes frozen Warm-N-Serve Rolls $1 (6/30/09)
Savannah Classics Hushpuppies ,any variety .50 (5/31/09)
Schick Intuition or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill $4 (5/3/09)
Schick Quattro for Women Razor, TrimStyle Razor or Refill $4 (5/3/09)
Similasan Allergy Eye Relief $2 (6/30/09)
SoftSoap Ensembles Liquid Hand Soap Pump with Disposable Base $2 (4/11/09)
Softsoap Ensembles Liquid Hand Soap Replacement Disposable Base $1 (4/11/09)
Spam (any variety 12 oz can) .40 (6/30/09)
Spam (any variety Spam Singles) .25 (6/30/09)
Spray n Wash (Bright and White only) $1.50 (5/03/09)
Stride Gum single packs $2/3 (5/17/09)
Tums DualAction, 25ct+ $3 (4/30/09)
Tums, 24ct+ $1 on 2 (4/30/09)
Yoplait YogurtYoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt or Yoplait Go-Gurt Fizzix .75/2 (5/16/09)
Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt Multipacks .50 (5/16/09)
Yoplait Yogurt ,any variety cups .40/6 5/16/09)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Kroger Trip 3/19/09

Before I get started, I do get an extra 10% off Kroger items. I use my FMIL's phone number!!!

Kellogg's Cereal (4) @ $2.49 - .50 MS - $1 MQ = $.99 each
Fiber One Bars (4) @ $2.49 - .50 MS - $1 MQ= $1 each
Cheerios and Chex Mix snacks (3) @ $1.99 - .50 MS - $1MQ = $.49 each
Scotch Brite Nail Saver Sponges (7) @ $1.99 - .50 mS - $1MQ = $.49 each
Welch's Aqua Juice (2) @ $2.99 - $.50 MS - BOGO MQ - $1 MQ = $.75 each

Kroger Yogurt (2) @ $.38 each
Hillshirt Farms Sausage BOGO Sale $4.19 - $1/2 MQ = $1.60 each
Kroger Milk (8) 1/2 gal @ $.81 each
Kroger Egg $.88

Olive Oil $5.39 (YIKES! I needed it for dinner tonight and didn't realize I was out since my stockpile is taking over my pantry!)

Total $31.36 OOP

Plus a $1.50 Welch's Aqua Juice Catalina! Hopefully I can find someone to print me more of the BOGO IP's!

Let me see what your Kroger deal looks like!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trade Coupons

I am looking for a way for everyone to list coupons they are looking for. If you have the coupon(s) you can email the OP and trade with one another. I want to keep the email and mailing addresses private and not for everyone to see. In the meantime simply hit the COMMENT button and list what coupons you are looking for.

Thank you to KIM for the idea!

Weigh in Wednesday

The time is flying by around here. We've had 2 beautiful days and it gets me excited! I feel like doing so much I can't get it all done! I have been walking/jogging everyday for at least an hour. I am now walking on the treadmill for 1/4 mile and run 1/4 mile. I alternate back and forth for my 1 hour workout and feel GREAT! I can tell when I have not done my workout. I feel like a dump on those days!

I am down 4 pounds from last week!

I am learning that it is not only about working out and counting calories, but, PORTION CONTROL! I am learning to eat bigger breakfasts and lunches. Dinner time has always been the BIG meal of the day. I am starting to realize that shouldn't be the case and trying to change this.

I am a HUGE sweet kinda girl. If I have a craving I have been heading towards the 100Calorie packs. Now I don't get them every day, but, will treat myself.

I also have a "cheat" day on Sunday. I will indulge in 1 of my weekly cravings while limiting my amount.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ebates, earn cash back!

You have often read how I take surveys and save the money earned for Christmas gifts. coupons outlet lets you shop at the stores you already shop at online and gives you up to 25% back! You earn 3% Cash back on Ebay purchases, Sephora is doubling to 8% cash back and free shipping on orders over $35 and Target gives 4% cash back! You will also receive exclusive coupon codes!

MIR (Mail In Rebates)

I am trying to get my blog to be different. We all go to the same blogs (Nickels N Dimes, LMKIA, Mommy Snacks, etc). There is no reason for me to do the exact same thing. So I have decided to give you a list of MIR! I know this is going to be a learning experience for all of us. I am trying to figure out how to make a spreadsheet to keep track of all your mailings for everyone to use. I will put that here as soon as I figure it out!

*If no date is listed product must be purchased by 12/31/09*

It's grilling season and we can all use a $3 MIR for a Blue Rhino Tank, here.

Buy 3 Lysol Products get $3 here. Receipt needs to be dated 3/15/09 - 5/15/09.

TRY ME FREE Physcian's Formula Mineral Wear Face brightener or BronzeBrightener here.
Receive a $20.00 rebate by amil on our pruchase of any Salty Sancks, Ice, Charcoal, Propane, Condiments, Dips, Buns, Meat Snacks, Deli Sandwiches, Bottled Water or Pizza, WITH THE PURCHASE OF two (2) Budweiser Family 12-packs or larger (cans or bottles)

Purchase Price of above items must exceed $20.00, Rebate must be received by 4/20/09.
Offer good to residents in :AK, AZ,AC, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA,IA, ID,IL KS, MD, MI, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, VT, WA, WI AND WY ONLY
Bud Light MTTC C-Store Party
P.O. Box 750537
El Paso, TX 88757-0537

**Combine this with the Blue Rhino and receive $23 total MIR!

Try All Bran (All-Bran Strawberry Medly, All-Bran Fiber Bars, All-Bran Fiber Drink Mixes,
All-Bran Fiber Rolled Wafers) FREE, here.

Satisfaction Gaurantee, Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower (up to $24.99 and $7.05 shipping) here. Must send within 60 days of purchase between 2/1/09 and 12/31/09.

If there is a MIR you are looking for, let me know and I will try and find it for you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Necklace and Earring Giveaway!

Head on over to Mrs. K's blog and enter to win this beautiful necklace and earring set by Jewelry Stylist.

If I win, I am going to buy a few more for bridemaids gifts!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wanted: IDEAS

Ok, so I know there are quite a few of you who read my blog, but, never post. I want ideas from you and I will reward you. Tell me what you would like to see from me. I know there are a TON of blogs that you all read that have the same deals each week. I want to be different and still have a lot of participation.

Do you want to see more IP's? More FREEBIES? List of deals with only IP's? Coupon swap?What is it that will make you become more active with my blog. I know you are reading it, I can see the numbers!

To reward you and hope to get you participating, I am offering you coupons! When you comment at the bottom leave your top 10 most wanted coupons! I will get in contact with you to get your email address. Feel free to email other friends, post on message boards, etc.

The more participation the more we can save together!

P&G Booklet status

Several people have emailed me wondering how others are checking their status for their coupon booklet from P&G. Well the good news is that you can check on their website, here.

I was able to get my status and says it will be sent on 3/15!!!! I am so excited! I know several others, including my friend D, can not get her status to show up. Don't get discouraged, a lot of HCW members can't get their status on the website and have already received their booklet. No rhyme or reason, but, it's worth a shot!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Freebies

I am posting these early as I am going to be SUPER BUSY tomorrow! Feel free to add any freebies you found this week as I have been slacking since we were out of town.

Victoria Secret gift bag free and $10 off $35 PINK Purchase, here

Red Gold free tote here. When you sign up you will also get .50/1 Brick Q!

Don't forget to use your Q for FREE SUAVE. It exp 3/31.

Weigh in Wednesday

I know I know, it's Thursday, but, I wanted to start this week! We just got back from a racing trip to Bradenton, FL. I am just now catching up! I will post next weeks deals for you to get a head start gathering your q's in a few.

As some of you know, Jason and I are getting married on Oct. 10, 2009! Yes, in 7 very short months. I want to lose 20-30 pounds in that time. So I have already began eating healthier, which was mostly mental. As long as I buy the fruits and veggies I will eat them because I LOVE THEM!
Along with eating well I bought a treadmill with a incline. I have been using it 2-3 days a week and run/walking a mile. I know I need to do more, but, I have to motivate myself and find time when Hannah is sleeping. I need to quit doing things around the house and focus on myself. I am trying to work on that now!

I hope some of you will join me on Weigh in Wednesday's. Even if you don't want to loose weight we can all eat healthier.

What are your weight loss secrets? How much do you exercise a day?